"I believe in the power of art for transformation of self, in individuals and in organisations.

My “art in life and living” is expressed in my own mixed media art and in the desire to share what I have learnt about Creative Space with others helping them to find-in deeply personal creative processes-an own innermost personal authentic expression on their way to a more soulful life".


About Gudrun Schmidt



>25 years experience in coaching, vision development, application of art based tools and techniques for finding direction and identifying personal and corporate paths forward


>20 years deeply invested in methods to help creativity unfold



Trained with Eric Maisel in Creativity Coaching

Trained SoulCollageR facilitator



Trained Le Journal Creatif facilitator



Trained Physician with a PhD in Oncology

 MBA from Brunel University, UK



Has lived and worked in 3 continents (Europe, North America, Asia), in 7 very diverse countries