Le Journal Creatif is a non conventional personal journal, a tool of self exploration which unites the worlds of writing, drawing/painting and collage in an original and creative way. This method is based on aspects and fundamental ideas of psychology, art therapy and creativity; it is also inspired by many techniques of creative writing. It is not the artistic or literary development which is central to Le Journal Creatif, but the general development of the person. It is a practical and flexible tool, easy to use and accessible for all.


It can help us to pursue our projects and intentions in a better way and to work towards a better unfolding of our creativity. As such, it can become, like a conventional journal, a trusted companion, it just might be, as it uses different methods for exploration, livelier, more colourful and surprising.


Contrary to conventional journaling where writing prevails, Le Journal Creatif gives us access to the language of colours, lines, shapes, symbols and images in many forms. Our use of different visual languages connects us more directly to our intuition and subconscious, because symbols are their language of choice. Art is a powerful way to create a connection between our outer and inner lives, and combined with writing, it increases the connexions within the brain, which fosters creativity and insight.



Encouraging to work freely, without too much and without judgment is at the core of the method. The more spontaneous the expression the more chances our subconscious and intuitive material have to express themselves, bringing out riches that are likely to guide us in our lives.