The Casa del  Vento  finds itself in Vico Pancellorum, a small hill top village above Bagni di Lucca. It is a small, art based centre, deeply invested in creativity and all its expression, located in a small building cum capanna e cortile which have been repurposed for this. The Casa del Vento  addresses itself particularly to the people living in Vico Pancellorum.


„ Finding one‘s creative space means finding one‘s habitat for a more authentic life“.

This is my own philosophy and that behind the

Casa del Vento.

The Casa del Vento, founded just this year, is a non for profit structure which aims to be


-a small pulsating centre for creativity and artistic expression in the heart of  Vico Pancellorum 


-a place for exhibitions, workshops, creative encounters, poetry readings, book presentations etc


-a place for lived creativity in and for Vico where art is part of living


The Casa del Vento  intends to offer small events, primarily catered to the people from Vico and the Province of Lucca under the broad themes of:

-Raccontare Storie nella Casa del Vento

-Piccole Dialoghi con Arte

-Poesia in Movimento

-Suoni e Canzoni

-Jewel Box: piccole mostre


Additionally workshops and performances focussed on creativity and arts for inner reflection are in planning.