Program Development for 2020



Weaving is one of the oldest traditions and with this ancient myths and archetypes around weaving and cloth making have been integral to all world cultures: the tapestry we weave for our lives, the choices we make-or do not make-to develop the texture of our life in search for authentic expression, for our  authentic way of life:

this is the topic of a long-term project


La Tela di Penelope

Le Trame dellˋEsistere


Focussing-in diverse creative events, artistic work and explorations using images and imagination-on the ways we took, we take or could take-for our own personality to unfold and to flourish

We will use 

    -poetry and storytelling, painting and creativity in many different ways

    -exploring our own story using symbols, metaphors and archetypes

  -using a playful, colourful tapestry of images created alone or with others as a door         way to learn more about ourselves


All, like the exhibitions, workshops and events, will be centred around the key metaphor Weaving the texture of our lives.


All will be set in a playful convivial atmosphere revisiting and developing the tapestry of our lives-in a gentle way. 


There will be sharing of experiences and insights if so desired to find the texture for life, to reflect and to potentially strengthen key threads or the overall cloth where necessary.




Work on new painting cycle

"Mosaico Mediterraneo"






This Summer



A busy creative spring and summer...






 Preparation on workshop formats and more regular encounters on the inner journey to unleash


one’s creativity





SoulCollageR workshop on the phoenix mythology on transformation

Annual Conference of German speaking facilitator's in Bavaria

International SoulCollageR facilitator's conference in Lazio, Italy.

May-June: lots of SoulCollageR work