In my life and work in 2021, Porte ( ital., doors, passage ways) will be an important metaphor. 


Porte, for all of my life, have held a certain fascination. When in  Italy, I live in a place I call “the Porta” which continues to inspire me in various ways, not the least of it that it is a veritable Medieval city gate. Imagine all the things this Porta would have seen in 800 years, being a main entrance gate to a walled city  on the travellers’ route to Rome: from anticipation and hopes to closure and struggle, from entering a new up to then unknown or for you locked world to keeping you outside and shutting this door, just to name a few.


For most of us, Porte carry important meanings, like

-opening up to something new

-gaining new viewpoints and new insights

-passing a threshold

-following one’s curiosity and exploring which chances and opportunities, but also newness may lie beyond this door

but also


-leaving something behind


In creative workshops and events we will focus our artistic work on a gentle exploration of the Self. Images and imagination on the doorways and passages we took, we take or could take for ourselves will help us to unfold and flourish. No previous artistic experience is necessary, all will be held in a playful, relaxed and convivial atmosphere.


We will use

-poetry and storytelling, painting and creativity in many different ways

-explore our own story using symbols, metaphors and archetypes

-using a tapestry of images created alone or with others as a doorway to learn more about ourselves



For more  information about workshops or ongoing work in small groups, as well as locations, please contact me at