Leggerezza Estiva

Mostra di Arte Contemporanea di
Gudrun Schmidt

Chiesa di San Benedetto in Gottella            August 18-31, 2021
Piazza Bernardini                                            16.00/19.30

Explosive colour, bold, dark lines in ink. Artist Gudrun Schmidt is inspired by the vibrancy of the summer which after the long Covid period seems to be even more palpable this year. In this spirit of recommencing there is a new clarity and "leggerezza" in her work, a willingness to try out a lighter, clearer approach.

Irrespectively her visual language is the same as previously and her newer works show clearly the same hand: organic abstracted forms are central to her work, signs and symbols informed by intuition, dreams and mythology always there. The multiple layering is a signature of her work, but it is more subtile as only ink is layered keeping the translucent quality while bold form is determined by Molotov ink.
Visual artist Gudrun Schmidt is a painter who also writes (like her book on creativity) and holds workshops to enhance people’s creativity.  At the core of her own creativity is her mixed media abstract work, characterised by complex multilayered surfaces, often interspersed with collage elements of self made print fragments  or handmade paper.

All of her work tells stories, some works more obviously so, others just by more subtile hints. Her main theme is ”the hidden beneath the known”, evolving stories, informed by archetypes, dreams and the subconscious. These are stories of transformation, hero’s struggles and glimpses at fairy tales and fables set in an abstract context. “Cocktail“ is the third personal exhibition of the artist in Lucca who exhibits her work regularly, also internationally.

"I believe in the power of art for transformation of self. Finding your Creative Space means finding space for yourself and the habitat for your truly authentic life”.

The artist's work will be shown in the Chiesa di San Benedetto in Gottella in Piazza Bernardini  from 18 to 31 of August 2021.

Gudrun Schmidt