This Fall



"Dove brilla la Luce"

Group Exhibition

October, 15 20

Villa Bottini, Lucca


10.00-12.00  16.00-18.00


Work on new painting cycle

"Mosaico Mediterraneo"


Preparation of workshops for year end and early next year, program development for 2020



Ongoing studies for certification as facilitator for "Le Journal Creatif"


This Summer


A busy creative spring and summer...



Here just a spotlight on things passed:



6.6.-13.6.2019  La Vita Segreta delle Piante               

A week in Melogranospace



"Finding your Creative Space means finding space for yourself and the habitat for your truly authentic life."


Contemporary Art Exhibition: La Vita Segreta delle Piante (The Secret Life of Plants)

Poetry reading, Harp Concert

Creativity Workshop

Book presentation: "Melogranospace- Creative Space for Your Soul"



In June a group of like minded artists, English speaking Residents and Italians, will join forces for a week of artful celebration of their creativity. All will happen under the umbrella of melogranospace. In our own ”creative garden” the pomegranate is, as an ancient symbol of fertility, seeds of life and creativity, used as our symbol for transformation, the abundance in life which can be realized-if we nurture this plant of creativity well-with simple tools, step by step.


The event will be anchored around an exhibition of contemporary art by Gudrun Schmidt, to be shown in the Chiesa dei Legnaioli, Piazza Bernardini, Lucca. The artist, German by background, shows fifteen of her more recent works in an exhibition titled "La Vita Segreta delle Piante" (6.6-12.6). 

Her main theme is the "hidden beneath the known": her work, with multilayered complex surfaces in  mostly mixed media art is influenced by  dream elements, archetypes, elements from poetry and fables and messages from the unconciousness. Woven in can be signs and symbols or artefacts reminding us of the past. Her work often shows organic forms or makes references to nature.


Newer poetry by local poet Elena Francesconi will be presented during a soiree on 11th, combined with a small harp concert by Genni Tommasi. 


In connection with the melogranospace exhibition, a creativity workshop will be held on the 14th and 15th of June. The workshop is intended for those who want to be more creative again, to find the creative self and direction. It will help to connect with creativity essentials, establish and broaden day by day creativity practice and accompany on an inner journey to develop a vision of one's creative self.


During the week, the book "Melogranospace-Creative Space for the Soul” will be presented, a book to facilitate people’s finding their own Creative Space as a means to develop their creativity and lead a truly authentic life.


The week is  intended to be a vibrant sharing of our creativity to encourage others to join us in this.




... and, additionally


participation in the




Group exhibition Arte in Lucca, May, Villa Bottini, Lucca



 Preparation on workshop formats and more regular encounters on the inner journey to unleash


one’s creativity





SoulCollageR workshop on the phoenix mythology on transformation

Annual Conference of German speaking facilitator's in Bavaria

International SoulCollageR facilitator's conference in Lazio, Italy.

May-June: lots of SoulCollageR work