In our own “creative garden” the melograno, the pomegranate, is a symbol for transformation, the fruit which can be harvested and the abundance in life which can be realised—if we nurture this plant of creativity well—with simple tools, step by step. Melogranospace I call the creative space I inhabit in all its dimensions and share with others.


Melogranospace is about finding the own creative space for one’s art, creativity and authentic life. This is based on solid fundaments as e.g. creative and healing journaling techniques, including visual journaling, and establishing an own very personal space, a condition tailored to one’s very personal needs which allows for your own creativity to unfold and to flourish. 


Melogranospace wants to facilitate this process by making experiences, personal journeys and tools and techniques available. Melogranospace sees imagination and intuition as key creative forces and proposes collage, journal writing, creative writing and book arts as easily accessible ways of creative expression to foster these. Melogranospace also arranges for exchange with thought leaders in this area and visıting artists as part of an international network, to visit and share their insights with interested groups.